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Have a question about CyberCivics? Maybe we can answer it! Below, you'll find a knowledge base to help you as you navigate and interact with the CyberCivics website. If any question is not addressed below, please contact us.

What is CyberCivics?

CyberCivics is a website offered by the Kansas Secretary of State, free of charge, with information on Kansas history, government, and civics. Each chapter is researched for accuracy and written for clarity, to provide a valuable educational resource to citizens of Kansas and users worldwide.

At the end of each "chapter," an "Explore More" section documents our sources and offers links to those sources if available. Chapters conclude with short but comprehensive quizzes, meant to test a user's knowledge over a specific chapter's content.

How can I move through the content?

Users have several navigation options. The silver navigation bar at the top of every page provides a way to access any page at any time. Hover your cursor over any chapter, and a dropdown menu will display with the titles of specific pages. Your current chapter and page will be indicated in the navigation bar by displaying as a blue button.

Once inside a chapter, red navigation buttons will display near the top right of the window. These buttons will either bring you to the previous or next page, or the previous or next chapter, depending on your location. Using these buttons will allow you to move through CyberCivics as you would through a book - page by page, in sequential order.

How do I take a quiz?

Once you're ready to test your knowledge on a given chapter, visit the "Check Your Knowledge" page at the end of the chapter to take a short quiz. Hovering over one of the multiple choices in a question will highlight it in blue; clicking on it will either turn the answer and the question's number green if correct, or red if incorrect. Answer every question, and a box will open, displaying the total number of correct answers. You can also tweet from this box to tell the world how smart you are, and encourage your Twitter followers to take the quiz as well!

I can't see the quiz/the quiz is not responding to my clicks!

CyberCivics uses Javascript to make our quizzes interactive. If you have any issues with a quiz not displaying or functioning, check your browser settings to make sure Javascript is enabled. If you prefer not to enable Javascript, you can download a printable PDF of any quiz by clicking the blue box next to that quiz.

How do I return to the home page?

Click on the "CyberCivics" title at the top left of any page to return to the home page.

I just came across this icon:. What does it mean?

When you see a double box icon, it means that the text to the left is a link that will open up a new browser window. Click on that text, and you'll be taken to more Kansas content!

Can I use this site on my mobile phone?

Absolutely! CyberCivics will adapt to whatever device you're using with an optimized mobile layout - no need to use a different URL or download an app. Next time you're on your phone or tablet, try it out!

Whoa! The layout of the site just changed!

Depending on your browser and the size of your window, CyberCivics will adjust itself to optimize the experience. This layout puts the content in one column, moves the page-by-page navigation to the bottom of the window, and replaces the full navigation with a simplified dropdown menu. If you prefer the full site, increase the size of your browser window or your monitor's resolution.