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The president of the United States always takes the oath on or around January 20. Members of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House take the oath of office around January 3.

State and county officials take the oath of office on the second Monday in January following the November elections.

The governor and other statewide officials are given their oaths in a ceremony performed at the State Capitol in Topeka. On the same day, members of the Kansas Senate, Kansas House of Representatives and State Board of Education, Kansas Court of Appeals judges and Supreme Court justices take their oaths in Topeka.

The assumption of command ceremony follows the oath of office ceremony. At this time, the governor is given formal command of the Kansas National Guard and the Kansas Highway Patrol as the commander in chief.

Following these oaths, state officials formally assume their duties, and this day marks the beginning of the new legislative term. The Kansas House of Representatives and the Kansas Senate convene for the first time on this day to begin the new legislative session.

Newly elected administrations may opt for additions to this celebration. Governor Brownback established an inaugural committee that organized various community service events, an Inaugural Dinner and Ball, as well as a special Prayer Service. During the 2011 inauguration ceremony, the Brownback administration also invited the Thomas More Prep Choir from Hays, Kansas, the Prairie View High School Marching Band from Linn, Kansas, and the Kansas National Guard's 35th Infantry Division Band to play throughout the gathering. Statewide candidates are also known to host receptions following the oath of office ceremony in various locations.