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Try this fourteen-question test to see what you've learned about the Kansas Executive branch.

  1. 1

    How many offices of the executive branch are elected on a statewide basis?

    • 4
    • 5
    • 6
    • 7
  2. 2

    Which statewide office was not created by the Kansas Constitution?

    • Secretary of state
    • Insurance commissioner
    • State treasurer
    • Attorney general
  3. 3

    Which statewide officer was once part of the legislative branch?

    • Secretary of state
    • Attorney general
    • Governor
    • Lieutenant governor
  4. 4

    How many terms is the secretary of state limited to?

    • 1
    • 2
    • 2 consecutive terms
    • There are no term limits for this office
  5. 5

    Which statewide officer must meet certain statutory qualifications in order to be eligible to run for office?

    • Insurance Commissioner
    • Attorney General
    • Governor
    • State Treasurer
  6. 6

    The duties of the lieutenant governor are determined by:

    • The Kansas Constitution
    • Kansas statutes
    • The governor
    • The Legislature
  7. 7

    Which statewide officer was included in the original Kansas constitution until a constitutional ammendment changed the position to a statutorial one?

    • Secretary of state
    • Insurance commissioner
    • Superintendent of public instruction
    • State treasurer
  8. 8

    Which is not one of the Kansas insurance commissioner's duties?

    • Regulate and license Kansas insurance companies and agents
    • Sell insurance to state employees
    • Educate and assist consumers
    • Investigate insurance-related misconduct
  9. 9

    The Kansas commissioner of education is selected by what method?

    • Appointed by the governor
    • Appointed by the State Board of Education
    • Elected by the voters of Kansas
    • Appointed by the State Board of Regents
  10. 10

    If both the office of governor and lieutenant governor become vacant, under present law who would be next in line to assume the governorship?

    • President of the Senate
    • Speaker of the House
    • Secretary of state
    • Determined by a special election
  11. 11

    Which state officer has the authority to grant pardons to convicted criminals?

    • Attorney general
    • Governor
    • Director of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation
    • Secretary of state
  12. 12

    The administration of all national and state elections is the responsibility of which state officer?

    • State treasurer
    • Attorney general
    • Secretary of state
    • Governor
  13. 13

    Which is not a function of the State Board of Regents?

    • Regulation of private and out-of-state higher education institutions
    • Oversight of community and technical colleges
    • Administration of teacher licensing and accreditation
    • Administration of adult education and general education development (GED)
  14. 14

    The Kansas Postsecondary Education Savings Program and other education savings plans are administered by which office?

    • State Board of Education
    • State treasurer
    • State Board of Regents
    • Secretary of state
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