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Try this fourteen-question test to see what you've learned about the Kansas Judicial branch.

  1. 1

    How is the position of chief justice of the Kansas Supreme Court determined?

    • The justices elect their own chief justice
    • The position is determined by term seniority
    • The governor selects the chief justice
    • The judicial administrator makes the selection
  2. 2

    How long is a Kansas Court of Appeals judge's term?

    • 6 years
    • 2 years
    • 4 years
    • 10 years
  3. 3

    How many justices serve on the Kansas Supreme Court today?

    • 7
    • 8
    • 14
    • 10
  4. 4

    Which officer of the court is not included in the Kansas Constitution?

    • Reporter of decisions
    • Clerk of the supreme court
    • District judge
    • Judicial administrator
  5. 5

    Which of the following would have original jurisdiction in a case involving a small claims dispute?

    • Municipal court
    • District court
    • Court of appeals
    • Office of Judicial Administration
  6. 6

    Which of the following positions does not involve appointment by the governor when a vacancy occurs?

    • Supreme court justice
    • Court of appeals judge
    • District court judge
    • District magistrate judge
  7. 7

    Who is responsible for the appointment of district court clerks or administrators?

    • The chief judge of each district court
    • The chief justice of the supreme court
    • The judicial administrator
    • The clerk of the appellate courts
  8. 8

    Which position is appointed directly by the governor and requires Senate confirmation?

    • Supreme court justice
    • Court of appeals judge
    • District court judge
    • Judicial administrator
  9. 9

    Which position may be found on a ballot for partisan election rather than for retention?

    • District judge
    • Court of appeals judge
    • Supreme court justice
    • Municipal judge
  10. 10

    A person unhappy with a decision in the municipal court would take it where for an appeal?

    • Kansas Supreme Court
    • Kansas Court of Appeals
    • The applicable district court
    • The city clerk's office
  11. 11

    The current Kansas Court of Appeals was established by the Kansas Legislature for what main purpose?

    • To oversee the lower Kansas courts
    • To assist the district courts in conducting criminal and civil trials
    • To review appeals from district courts in both civil and criminal cases
    • To review cases decided by the Kansas Supreme Court
  12. 12

    Which position is not required to be a lawyer admitted to practice law in the state of Kansas?

    • Court of appeals judge
    • District court judge
    • Municipal judge of a first-class city
    • District magistrate judge
  13. 13

    What is not an ordinary function of the Kansas Supreme Court?

    • Deciding an appealed case by reading the record of the trial and written briefs filed by both parties
    • Conducting civil and criminal trials
    • Exercising general administrative authority over all Kansas courts
    • Researching and reviewing the law involved in a case and writing an opinion
  14. 14

    How do supreme court justices and court of appeals judges remain in their positions after their terms expire?

    • By request to the governor to be reappointed
    • By petition to the Supreme Court Nominating Commission to be reappointed
    • By approval of two-thirds majority of both houses of the Legislature
    • By filing intent to be on the statewide general election ballot for retention by the voters
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