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The rules of the Senate and House establish four main nonmember offices appointed by the president of the Senate and the speaker of the House: secretary of the Senate, chief clerk of the House, and the sergeant-at-arms of each chamber. The secretary and chief clerk are assigned the major clerical responsibilities for the respective chambers, and the sergeants-at-arms primarily are responsible for preserving order in and around the legislative chambers.

By tradition, each chamber appoints a chaplain, whose major duty is to offer a prayer at the beginning of each session (legislative day). Additional administrative and clerical employees are recruited under the supervision of the director of Legislative Administrative Services.

Five nonpartisan staff agencies support the Legislature:

  1. The Kansas Legislative Research Department provides objective research and fiscal analysis for the Kansas Legislature.
  2. The Revisor of Statutes is responsible for drafting bills, resolutions and other legislative documents, provides legal consultation for members of the Legislature and legislative committees, and prepares and publishes the Kansas Statutes Annotated and cumulative supplements.
  3. Legislative Administrative Services provides administrative and technical support for the Kansas Legislature and general public.
  4. The Office of Information Services, which provides information technology support to legislators and legislative support staff.
  5. The Legislative Division of Post Audit, which provides auditing services to the Legislature and helps evaluate whether state government agencies and programs are being run efficiently.

The State Library provides library services to the Legislature and other state agencies, and works to enhance services in Kansas libraries and to Kansas residents. In coordination with the Legislative Coordinating Council, the state librarian acquires materials essential for legislative research and bill drafting.

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State Library of Kansas
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The State Library provides information and reference services to members and employees of the Legislature, including an ongoing subject and author index to Kansas legislative bills. During each legislative session the State Library maintains a legislative hotline to advise the public on the status of bills and to provide information on legislative issues.